Content of this place is based from few years of trading. For many of these informations had to pay. Now here all are free for you.

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Well know name on high street. Loads bulk bargains for traders.

First company is well known Argos. For this link have to pay on ebay, here is for free. This is the place where can buy customers returns on auctions. Usually goods are sells at 10% of RRP.


Bargains from Argos Outlet on Ebay.

Argos outlet on ebay. Worth it to visit.

Gemwholesale supplying Ex Catalogue, Surplus, Clearance and End of line stock.

Stock range: Audio, Nursery, Mixed, Seasonal, Clothing, Jewellery, Excercise, Electrical, Furniture, Footwear, Household, Bedding, Miscellaneus, Toys. Goods can be bought from single item up to full container. Gem whole sale is huge company with 25 years on the market and probably largest dealer ex-catalogue stock in UK if not in Europe. They stock thousands of pallets an many of containers for UK , European and export markets. Great place for bulk bargains!!!

This wholesalers directions to whole range of goods at low prices.

Wholesale Deals is the only directory that compares wholesale deals  prices to the final sale price on eBay and Amazon. This unique feature  allows free and premium members to evaluate the profitability of  numerous daily deals even before contacting a supplier. Wholesale Deals  offers the classic suppliers database (with over 30,000 verified  wholesalers and dropshippers) as well as daily deals available from  verified sources at up to 95% off current eBay and Amazon prices.
If you are interested in sourcing products which you know can net  you a profit on eBay and Amazon, then Wholesale Deals is the directory  for you. They do a lot of the legwork, with new deals added daily.

Number of Dropshippers: 1,000+

Verify the profitability of each wholesale deal by comparing it with the same item already sold on eBay or Amazon

Access fresh wholesale and dropship deals at up to 95% off retail prices

Buyer Membership: Suppliers Database from £20.00; Deals Database from £30.00; Combo Database from £30.00


Ex-catalogue clearance shop with well know brands at low price.

On this site can find brands like: NIKE, Calvin Klein, Timberland, Levi Straus, H&M, Adidas, Umbro, Wrangler, New look, Diesel and many more.


Impulse wholesale is the place of cheap household and office goods

Impulse Retail are national wholesale suppliers of gifts, wholesale stationery, household and DIY, cheaper office supplies, wholesale toys, and discount books online.


Great source of refurbished & surplus stock.


Trading platform of refurbished and surplus stock. In this place can find stock well known brans as: Tefal, Solac, Severin, Krups, Kenwood, DeLonghi, Philips, Morphy Richards, Dirt Devil, Samsung, Moulinex, AEG, Ardo, Indesit, Russell Hobbs, Ryobi, Rowenta, BaByliss PRO, Bionaire, Gordon Ramsey, LG, LAICA, Bosh, Medisana, Bialetti, Breville, Homediscs and many more brands....


Customer Returns from Big Shops Network in Germany.

Trading with them  can stock-up warehouse and shop, conduct a comprehensive sales at  auctions and online stores, the markets, stock exchanges and markets. Company has a choice of goods, which is divided into different  classes:

A - Brand new, original packaging, suitable for immediate  resale,

B - efficient equipment, II category, which may have minimal  signs of use, Returns - equipment that comes the shop window, and  returns direct from customers, end of line, and thus can be used,  damaged or new - in random order, so called.

Customers returns , the mix of A,  B, C. Important! First of all, we trade in goods retuned by customers ( the goods can be used, damaged, or new-random). Can not  guarantee continuity in kind. Do not guarantee and can not be refund  or exchange. They offer: - professional customer service. - Amazing prices, regular customers are always able to negotiate prices  with individual receiving a larger quantity; - goods directly from  manufacturers and large European retail chains, do not buy from brokers;  - current information (email newsletter) on the commodity, in this way  you can compare analyze market prices and to make the right choice; -  high quality goods, due to the fact that most of our range are branded  products, often with a "higher end"; -shopping without any middlemen

 Ex-display Goods Trading Company


This company is a place genuine showrooms use to display their  ex-display clearance items end of line so you can save up to 70% off RRP  while still dealing with a genuine showroom that has the product  knowledge that you would want when buying premium branded products. Wiil find products mainly from Tesco like: Sofas, Beds, Wardrobes, Lighting, Coffee Tables, Dining Tables, Dining Chairs, Occasional Chairs and many more....



The Internet's largest directory of verified wholesalers and  dropshippers. With over 3,000 worldwide dropshippers and a staggering  75,000+ verified wholesale sources, Esources is the only UK directory  that allows you to browse and search before you become a member.
Undoubtedly the best option available today, both for number of  sources and reliability of information, we found exclusive contacts,  excellent profit margins, and new wholesale and dropship sources added  daily.
We received regular updates and special offers by email, and found  genuine suppliers throughout. Additionally our buy requests were  forwarded automatically to relevant wholesalers, who contacted us  directly with their quotes.
If you are looking for reliable wholesalers and dropshippers, as  well as great profit margins, this directory is a must, it's very user  friendly and packed with thousands of profitable sources.

  • Number of Wholesalers: 75,000+
  • Number of Dropshippers: 3,000+
  • Auctioneers Directory: 1,100+
  • Suppliers are verified, helping prevent scams
  • Free Courses on Trading and Importing
  • Market Research Tools
  • Free eBay Business Handbook with yearly membership
  • Free PayPal enabled eCommerce store with all premium memberships
  • Buyer Membership: Partly Free, Premium Access from £25, with 10k Income Guarantee when you join for a year.
  • Wholesaler Membership: Premium from £20 PM


World Wide Brands

The internet's largest resource of American wholesalers and  dropshippers. Founded by Chris Malta, Product Sourcing Editor for eBay  Radio, this directory combines verified listings with a powerful market  research capability. It also includes a large resource of international  wholesale and dropship sources.
  Members can use World Wide Brands to identify hot selling eBay  products, as well as trends, niche markets and avoid overcrowded ones.  While you may find World Wide Brands expensive, we highly recommend it  for advanced traders.
 They also produces a free weekly newsletter with some great  trading tips and strategies from expert guests and affiliated companies.
Number of Wholesalers: 8,000+ Number of Dropshippers: 690+ from USA, Canada and UK Only USA directory to verify suppliers, helping you avoid scams Free Video Courses Free Weekly Newsletter containing excellent trading tips and strategies Lifetime Membership: $299.00



SaleHoo contains over 75 categories of verified wholesalers from  around the world, including China and India. With daily updates, the  option to rate suppliers in a similar way to eBay is extremely valuable.  It allows members to share their experiences and examine supplier track  records. You also get 24 hour online support.
 SaleHoo is a truly great resource for the price. Membership also includes access to courses on importing and trading on eBay.

Number of Wholesalers: 5,000+

Number of Dropshippers: 80+

Lifetime Membership: $67.00


Sales Matrix. Company trading in Graded Stock, refurbished goods and new items at fraction RRP.


The company specializes in trade in goods called Raw Returns and EX-catalogue. You can  find categories as: -new products, especially recommended for sports fans and  enthusiasts of karaoke (audio equipment), -graded stock, category offers audio in  particular karaoke, -raw returns in categorie you find the goods  returned to the Argos shops network, mainly electronics, category deemed faulty offers  goods returned as defective. Prices start at 10% RRP.


Direct Wholesale From Chinese Suppliers
Buy products from original countries at whole price. You can choose from thousands of products directly from manufacturers.